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  • Triple Flow Controls are designed for applications such as spreaders where precise control of one or three functions may be required without regard to variations in load pressure. These valves are used mainly on snow removal equipment, also be used for other applications such as sand and fertilizer. The basic valve consists of at least one or three pressure compensated, priority type flow controls. This valve will provide a constant flow regardless of changes in load or changes in the pump output. Any excess flow from the pump or flow greater than the load requirement will be diverted to the tank port of the valve.
  • Triple flow regulator with built-in on-off control plus system relief and pressure compensated 30-50 GPM, 120~200 L/min.
  • Built-in relief valve and on-off valve in a single compacted body permit easy installation with minimal plumbing. 
  • Detent hand knob for each flow control, easy to adjust flow with 11 positions. 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight:  6.8KGS



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